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How Is This Fitness Program Different?

Hi, my name is Chuck Strogish, former fitness model and personal trainer.


Although my biggest passion is to work with cars, I have a passion in still using my knowledge and experience to help you be able to experience your best version of yourself possible.

My 30 day fitness program isn't going to focus on machines or weights, you can focus on that later to fine tune yourself with a gym trainer once you are already confident and happy with yourself. 

For these 30 days, it is important to me that we do what works the best for burning fat and creating a fast mental victory. With this mental victory through my fitness coaching, you will see something that may have been missing which causes you to be highly motivated to start getting serious on yourself.

I made this online fitness coaching program with a few important key points that always worked well for me in sharing with your my fitness program that I use myself to get in shape.


Important Points of My Hysteria 30 Day Fitness Program

1. Intermittent Fasting

A victory for yourself to create discipline for the first days of your program. I will text you the details of 2 items you can have during the fast besides water. Intermittent fasting in this program is just not eating past dinner time except the 2 items in my fitness coaching program so that you are minimizing storing fat at night when you are sleeping.

2. Effective Fat Burner.

There are many "fat burners" and supplements out there that are just a waste of time. However, there is a very effective, healthy, and proven fat burner a that when dosed correctly daily, will burn 3 to 4 times more fat than if not used. This will allow you to be most efficient at burning fat in my 30 day fitness program, naturally. You will learn what that is and how to use it to your advantage like I do. Many people take it, but the key is a specific dose that I have found is so important that it must be included in my fitness coaching.

3. Daily Fitness Tasks From Anywhere.

Nope, you don't need a gym or gym membership to join my program as I created it for anyone to be able to improve themselves. Exercises assigned for the day can be done with just your body weight and no equipment and can be done throughout the day as long as task is completed.


You will check in with me when your tasks are completed. I make them so that that they work well, but don't take up your whole day or life either.

4. Results You Earn With 30 Days of Chuck's Online Fitness Coaching


The goal in 30 days is to expose you in a walk through of what works the best for me as a 15 year hobby or as my 7 years competing as a fitness model. I have put every workout and diet method through the ringer, and although there isn't just one correct way to reach a goal, this is my opinion is the most effective broken down to the simplest terms. Once you see my world day to day and the effectiveness of this style of working out, you will see why I use this for myself and anyone like you that I want to share my experience and knowledge with. Every 30 days will grow and grow as you make more results, then eventually you will be able to start alternating it with weight training in the gym to mix up exercises. You can complete my daily task via text anywhere you are, as I have designed my online fitness coaching to help more people see through my eyes in fitness. Each task will be doable no matter how busy you are. Join me for 30 days of fitness coaching via online / text and allow me to guide you to showing you exactly what I do to be as healthy, lean, and happy as you can possibly be. I wish to share with you what I have learned over many years of trial and error. The guesswork is already done, now it is time for you to trust in my fitness coaching, you will be happy you did for a lifetime. Let's get started today. Thank you.