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5 Year Car Ceramic Coating Service



Superior 9h Paint Protection

Truly Love Your Car? My 5 Year Car Ceramic Coating Service is Truly For You.


Glass Coat Shine

The longest lasting and best shine possible bar none. Made for prized possessions.


Increase Car Value 20%

My 5 Year Car Ceramic Coating Requires 75% to 95% Defects Removed Through Paint Correction Included.


5 Year Car Ceramic Coating Service Benefits For Your Prized Possession

  • 9h is the max ability level to resist scratching to your car's paint.

  • 3D extra deep gloss that is miles ahead of wax and sealants.

  • Anti - static UV protection for sun, weather, and rain.

  • Ultra hydrophobic, self cleaning nano particles to keep your car protected without coming off like regular paint protection.

  • No need to wax or detail your car, simply hose off with spot free water to clean for 5 years.

  • Full paint correction to remove 75% to 95% of all swirls, scratches, and defects prior to car ceramic coating service application included in the package.

  • This will allow maximum bond of car ceramic coating to your vehicle to last the full 5 years possible.

  • Chemically turns to glass 3 times stronger and shinier than factory clear coat with no need for touch ups like a vehicle wrap or paint protection bra might require if ripped.

  • Increases the value of your car around 20% and preserves it at it's best cosmetic condition for longest time frame possible at 5 years.



What Is The Difference Between Wax | Sealant & Car Ceramic Coating?

If you take a premium wax, it will typically last 3 to 6 months in paint protection on your vehicle's exterior. A premium sealant can be 6 to 9 months. It lasts longer than wax but wax usually out performs sealants in the depth of shine quality. Car ceramic coating dominates them both with flying colors.

Lasting 5 years and having a shine quality on a completely different level, glass coating also has benefits that neither wax or sealants have. Car ceramic coating will tremendously help protect against getting scratches, chips, swirls, and clear coat dulling oxidation, where wax and sealants won't do most of those. Also, wax and sealants can be removed with high heat days, fast driving, temperature and seasonal changes, and repeat car washes, where my 5 Year Car Ceramic Coating Service will stand the test of time.

What Makes 9H Car Ceramic Coating So Durable and Quality?

Many reasons, but it starts with being able to prep the car completely right where many steps can be skipped in regular detailing to apply wax or sealants. With glass coating, the correct way to do it is to perform not only exterior detailing and clay bar, but also full paint correction to perfect the paint before it is 9h nano coated.

By clay barring first, deep ingrained contaminants are removed where 1000 car washes won't ever reach them. This starts off important because clay bar not only preps it right to form the strongest paint protection bond possible, but any re directs of light caused by contaminants will drastically reduce opportunity for max shine depth.

After clay bar, full paint correction will remove 75% to 95% of defects to get the vehicle to be as close as possible to perfect factory condition as possible. This will take time removing as many scratches, swirls, and oxidation as possible while touching up chips with the exact factory paint we order specifically for your vehicle included in the package.

After paint correction, your prized possession will already be stunning and correctly prepped to receive our 5 Year Car Ceramic Coating Service. Then the level of protection and shine is through the roof.