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Mobile Car Detailing Around Pittsburgh, Pa

  • Interior or exterior auto detailing services by Chuck's is available to be completed right at your home or office around Pittsburgh, Pa.

  • "A" letter rating and multiple year award winning service while saving over 200,000 gallons of what would be chemical filled water from entering Pittsburgh's waterways. Economic friendly was one of our focuses since starting in 2012.

  • All detail packages from Stage 1 to Stage 4 are premium as car protection is the main goal from us to you. We don't offer basic per say, but you will be proud of your car with value increased and a convenient experience from start to finish.

  • For a mobile detailing quote or learn about all of our detail packages, visit the Chuck's website. Read on below to learn about other car care services offered!

  • When it comes to protecting vehicles the best way possible, which is my ultimate goal for my customers, I offer 5 year Glass Coating (known as ceramic coating) to for this.

  • In perspective, compared to premium car wax and sealants, our 5 Year Glass Coating Service lasts 10 to 20 times longer and is 3 times more of a shield than factory clear coat!

  • It blows the shine depth of most waxes and sealants out of the water and has many benefits that many car protection agents just can't compare to.

  • Glass coating service is great for a new car or vehicle that is special to you because it has the ability to dramatically help reduce the chances of scratches, swirls, chips, oxidation, and UV damage from happening in the first place. It also makes it much easier to maintain and keep clean like it was recently professionally detailed. No need to wax for 5 years with our ceramic coating service.

  • You can feel free to learn much more about this at our ceramic coating service page on my detailing website, where you can also easily get a quote for your own vehicle or prized possession.

  • It is important right before ceramic car coating is installed, that it receive full paint correction detailing to the exterior and this is already included in our 5 Year Car Ceramic Coating Service.

  • We come right to your home or office for this package almost anywhere in the country to install it on your paint, windshield, wheels, brake calipers, and trim.

  • Vehicle paint correction is an aspect of premium car detailing that some may not know exactly what it is or if they need it for their car.  I'll give you some bullets on what we offer so that you can see what the beenfits are and why car paint correction should be done at least 1 time per car.

  • What is vehicle paint correction detailing? Let's say you seek to get a stunning brand new, several thousand dollar paint job for your vehicle. This will be 100% brand new paint so that percentage is perfect starting off. The alternative is paint correction, as it is less expensive(3 to 4 times cost of regular detailing) and will remove 75% to 95% percent of defects, scratches, swirls, and oxidation in your car's paint.

  • There are fresh layers similar to like in a brand new paint job already waiting to be shown on your exterior paint work, where you can make dramatic changes to improving the cosmetic condition without as big of an expense as a new paint job. There are many benefits to car paint correction detailing in our Stage 3 and Stage 4 packages. (This is all included in our 5 Year Glass Coating package as it is needed to do before it can be protected the best way possible).

  • For a coupe or sedan for size pricing, if exterior detailing is around $250, exterior paint correction will be $600 to $800 and included in the 5 year glass coating package for $1,500 total.

  • If you choose to get paint correction to bring your exterior back to as new as possible, it comes standard with 1 year premium wax and sealant to still protect your vehicle well, but not to the extent of the 5 Year Glass Coating Package. Plus it won't resist chips and scratches like the premium ceramic car coating will do.

  • Paint correction for cars is the single most permanent like service that will last a very long time if you avoid touch car washes. It will on average boost the value of your vehicle by around 20% so that it is a service that you enjoy, but also kind of pays for itself as well if you decide you are going to sell your car eventually.

  • If you would like to learn more about car paint correction with Chuck's Mobile Detailing Pittsburgh, feel free to check out our car exterior correction and scratch removal page on my detail website. Thanks.

  • Enjoy the same passion as I do spending time on your car detailing it to keep a quality shine and easier time cleaning it from all of the protection? Try out ready to use with no need for hose, Crimson Shield Detailing Kit.

  • I spent about 6 years testing different formulations on many vehicles to get the best all around car care product that meets certain expectations. I use and have used many different car care products so I wanted to formulate one that you can clean and protect your interior and exterior all in one round, instead of over 5.

  • Crimson Shield Detailing Kit comes with 1 gallon black bucket, 4 premium microfiber towels, 32 oz spray cleaner and wax, plus 8 oz concentrate that you mix with water to do it the old school way, but no hose necessary.

  • You mix 2 ounces to 8 ounces depending on how strong you'd like it to be from the 8 oz bottle into a half gallon of water in the bucket and shake. Then soak a microfiber towel, panel by panel, wipe to wash and wipe dry with a 2nd microfiber towel to reveal a shiny and protected surface.

  • You can use the concentrate the first time when you give the first treatment and then it will be ready to use the spray bottle to keep your detail when needed as you go.  Use the spray on all exterior and interior to never only clean again, and always protect at the same time.

  • You'll notice your car is much easier to repel water and dirt while being much easier to keep nice.

  • Brake dust that gets embedded by the sun usually can take some serious car detailing to remove, but after treated with Crimson Shield, they will be much easier to bring back to new with regular washes.

  • Buy The Crimson Shield Detailing Kit for $49.99, for everything included and free shipping in the USA. Makes for a great birthday or Christmas gift for any male or female that appreciates taking care of their valuables.

  • The nice part is although Crimson Shield is made for vehicles, it can be used on other valuables such as; new shoes, jewelry, household appliances, tacks, motorcycles and helmets, plus boats and RV.

  • Order your Crimson Shield Detailing at my GreatCarWax.com website now.

  • Appreciate both incredible cars and stunning vehicle art work? I created my Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Luxury Detailing Package to make my passion and dreams come to life in the form of a finished product that my customer can genuinely enjoy for a lifetime.

  • I love to create a project dealing with vehicles that is done in quality every step of the way, and also have the opportunity to create art of your prized possession car that makes you look twice every single time you walk by the image on your wall.

  • Hysteria Vehicle Artistry let's me do this process of passion where the blank page starts with your special car in your garage.

  • I go into much detail on my HysteriaArtistry.com website if you'd like to see exactly what I would like to do with your vehicle at your home. I will also give a quick summary here now for you to see what the overall goal is.

  • Starting off, everything listed is included in cost and begins as a service turning into a final product.

  • The first steps are to travel to you wherever you are in the country with exceptions of Hawaii and Alaska.

  • I will begin to complete my Stage 4 Premium Exterior Detailing Package.

  • This will accomplish getting your prized possession as best as it possible can be with paint correction followed by your choice of 5 year glass coating or Project J97(a $1000 dollar wax and aerospace sealant only used on some of the most rare and expensive cars in the world). If you are going to use such a rare and expensive type of wax, this is the time as the results will be preserved forever in art.

  • Once your choice of premium paint protection is completed and your car is looking absolutely insane from the Stage 4 Package completed, it will now get a professional photo shoot. Where you pick out the money shot image that will turn to art.

  • I will take the image and get it turned into an extra large (at least 66" by 44" or possibly bigger) acrylic glass HD wall art piece of your prized possession. You then can choose museum grade framing to to be included to match the room how you see fit for your home or garage.

  • After a couple weeks of creation, the final piece along side a miniature version made for a desk at an office will be shipped in extra care delivery. The goal is to create Hysteria of enjoyment from you upon looking at it, and anyone that appreciates special cars as well. The opportunity for me really create some fantastic and high quality vehicle art and the final product you let me create for you of your prized possession.

  • Each year is it's own Chapter of customers and will receive a black chrome Hysteria Chapter 1 and so on license plate frame. Each customer that gives me the opportunity to use their car to create amazing vehicle art will be combined to form an online vehicle art gallery in the future.

  • The flat rate cost is $9,997 where half of it will go into the cost of creating the most ideal art piece possible in that budget.

  • Go to HysteriaArtistry.com and accepting Chapter 1 customers of select types of cars. Let's work together and create something car guys will be stunned by looking at or standing in front of. Thanks much! See ya soon after appointment is made.